Streamlined Communication

Cloud Bay's Hosted Exchange Mailboxes – the cornerstone of efficient and secure business communication.

Welcome to our Hosted Exchange Solution—your solution to seamless communication and unparalleled email management, hosted locally right here in Johannesburg. One of the standout features of our Hosted Exchange Solution is our unmatched spam prevention. We understand the importance of a clutter-free inbox, and our advanced spam filtering mechanisms ensure that your email experience is not only secure but also devoid of unwanted distractions. Say goodbye to the hassle of sifting through spam—focus on what matters while we safeguard your communication.

Available Subscriptions

Locally Hosted - Johannesburg

Spam & Virus Protection

Incoming & Outgoing Mailbox Archiving Available

  1. Hosted Exchange 10GB
    10 GB Mailbox Microsoft Exchange
    R 24.00
  2. Hosted Exchange 25GB
    25 GB Mailbox Microsoft Exchange
    R 37.00
  3. Hosted Exchange 50GB
    50 GB Mailbox Microsoft Exchange
    R 73.00
  4. Hosted Exchange 100GB
    100 GB Mailbox Microsoft Exchange
    R 108.00
  5. Hosted Exchange 150GB
    150 GB Mailbox Microsoft Exchange
    R 141.00
  6. Hosted Exchange 250GB
    250 GB Mailbox Microsoft Exchange
    R 230.00

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